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by tozen


Thanks for this tool - great for checking meta descriptions.
Would be even more fab if there were an option to count html entities as a single character


Thank you for the counter. I use this site EVERYDAY. I love it!! Thank you! Much appreciated.

Phong Vu

This was very useful for me when I need to use to calculate how much characters I needed for my text file in coding in order to get my paragraphs aligned.


Charcounter is a copywriter's best friend. I have it as an always-on tab in my browser. Thank you for keeping your space minimal and efficient. It's the greatest!

Lucian Marin

I use this for Sublevel.net social network and it helped me study people behavior and eventually increase the character limit up to 640 characters.


Amazing!! Really saves time, i am glad finding CharCounter. Saves me from counting 300 words XD

Adrian Chan

Good! This thing is so useful to count how many words that I've written for each passage


Thank you for the counter. It keeps our mobile product from getting too wordy.


I use this site EVERYDAY for a project I'm working on. Clean design -- straightforward interface. I love it!! Thank you!

Jason E

Thank you - we use this EVERY DAY - the best and easiest to use :)

André P

You know when you really like a website, and even when its positioning on google search is not that good, you search for it? CharCounter is a good example. Thanks to the developers.


I just discovered this little tool yesterday & am surprised at how efficient this tool is. Will be using this more often.

Ryan vT

AMAZING! Thanks so much for this extremely useful tool that really saves time and effort while doing school projects


Thank you for making this. It's so much easier in my life to actually know how much charterers i have, then to figure out I was typing abso nothing. :D


This is a great tool with one of the better UI's available on the net. Thanks to the developers involved.

Piper H

Thanks for this tool - great for checking meta descriptions.
Would be even more fab if there were an option to count html entities as a single character


A darker text, simple black on white, would make this word counter just about perfect. Thank you for providing it! Much appreciated.


I have used many websites but this is so far the nest yet! The layout is amazing and i love it!

Some Guy

these are all names I would have picked, welcome to multiple personalities!


Been using other apps, now I'll stick to this. Text is too light but still beats every other sites. :)


This is great for testing the integrity of neural network input :) thanks so much!


Just discovered. Thank you! I use this to help me create error messages on our system that have character limitations! So easy to use; it is the icing on the cake!


I love this character counter. It's great for code-golfing challenges. The text is a little too light though.


I have discovered forms with character limits cound return linefeed as 2 characters, if I am right.

Could you consider (if you read these...) adding a results box that counts '0A0D' as 2 characters?

Thanks for the great tool.
Love that it is dynamic, and I can edit on the fly to get needed size!


the clean interface and ease of use makes the best counter, ever. i wanted to drop a note to say, thank you very, very much for being my go-to counter. if you were to ask me about a wish-list, i would vote for a save button and not so lightly colored text. best wishes sent~


This is a great tool with one of the better UI's available on the net. Thanks to the developers involved.

Peter Sibley

Thank you for the counter. It keeps our mobile product from getting too wordy.


This is a really great character counter. Thank you so much for making it and having it as a public place. I love how you do not need a login or anything...


Thank you for such a great and easy-to-use calculator, i needed the number of characters without spaces for translation and no other calculator had this function. It's already in my bookmark list.


This is a great clean app! Any chance for a save option in the future? In case of accidental page refresh or closing... It's so convenient to work in this app window to get my text down to the necessary size, but then I have to remember to copy-paste my text into another document often not to loose it.

Gaj (tozen)

Hello Anna, this feature is at the top of our to-do list.


I adore this word counter, and use it just about every day. It would be great if you had an optional two box layout, to count two sets of words at once for both comparison and adwords!

Gaj (tozen)

Hello Mikayla, thank you for your feedback. We aim to make charcounter as clean as possible. Did you try to open it in two separate windows?


This is the only character counter I use. I love how clean and responsive it is. Nothing but the essentials. Thanks!


I was using this to count chinese characters. It worked quite well except it counted the periods, commas and other punctuation marks too.

Gaj (tozen)

Hey Sky, please try our chinese version.


I really love this tool, but I was wondering why it always begins with one character and not zero?

Busy Ninga

Great! Really helped me! Such a good website


Didn't exactly help. I was trying to see how many of each character I had for a home decor project.

3 w's
18 e's


This is a great tool!


Thank you. This really helped me.

Thomas Warnasch

Website works as needed and then a bit more . Personally , the greyed text ( such as the text used to change a language and used to display names ) could be somewhat darker , but that doesn't change how the website works .


Thank you again. You make every work day a little better.


I am contacting you with a suggestion. I love using your website because of the minimalistic aesthetic; however, the feedback looks too bulky. Was suggesting you provide one the choice of hiding the feedback while working on your site.

Thank you!


I love it ... it's help me to do META Description for my new website.
Thanks :)

Steve Ahola

I had been using the JavaScripts character counter for many years but had to "fire" it today because the new advertising pop-up blocks the text entry box making it very difficult to use on my Android tablet.
I was glad to find this site with its very clean interface and will recommend it to all of my friends!


This is definitely the best tool for counting on the internet and it helped me a lot!


It was very helpful and helped me avoid counting every letter and punctuation. :) Highly recommended.


Was looking for a simply online character counter to avoid title truncating. Charcounter.com was the solution to my problem! Good job!


Good letter counter :)


Perfect tool for anyone who works in social media! Love this tool


Perfect tool for anyone who works in social media! Love this tool, bookmarked ;)


Have ever tried highlighting your work that you would like to count then press Ctrl+Shift+c and it will count it for you evening adding how many characters with and without space, and number of paragraphs.
The Website is good anyway

Jason Chan

Appears at the top of a search for "Chinese word count without punctuation" but does not fulfill this function. Perhaps a word with google is in order?


Is there a clear button? If there isn't, I think it might be great to add one. Otherwise, AWESOME!

Jaqlyn B....

this is so great! It's so easy and it's amazing! I was working on a report and was wondering about this info. This helped me BIG TIME! Keep it up!!


This is hands down the best characters counter I have ever seen. Not only it is working in real time (so not like in the others - paste text, press count letters), but also is making distinction for white spaces etc. Good job.


Thanks so much for this awesome tool! Its better than A LOT of the other word counters I've used!!!!! :) Keep it up!


Awesome website .. Perfectly works !! Never off !! No Ads !! Perfect UI .. Simple, East and Faster .. Keep rocking :)


Great site, but i'd like to add it as a search engine in google chrome so that I could bind a shorthand access to it (say typing "cc" followed by the text). This could be problematic for long texts though.


It's such a simple, user-friendly character counter. I love it. I'm using it to count the number of characters/spaces for my application. I hope to come back to it; and I will! This is a really helpful website.


Beautiful. Love the simplicity and use of white space. Favorited!


This is just so useful, thank you for making this accessible and simple, it's really user-friendly!
I enter a lot of writing contests so I swear that this is just a blessing for me <3