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by tozen


What I use everyday at work to limit letter count for promotional ads required. Light & Excellent.

Daisy Fudolin

Thank you for this idea. I really want to send a special message to My One and Only Rock Star "Kim Kyung Ho" Oppa. Hope was really hoping that He could read this. Thank you


Love. Iz my always go-to. 'Nuff said. Simple, effective, straight to the point. Like I said, 'Nuff said. ;)

Eric P

Fantastic - lean, elegant UI with accurate results. I use this counter every day in my work. My thanks to the creator(s)!!


I love this tool. I'm a writer and I also and I use it every day for my work.
Just one thing... when we change the language, it would be great if it also offered spell check, like for English.
Apart from that, awesome job with the clean UI!

Don Mega

Wish most apps would be sites like these where you need not download stuff or deal with ads. Keep it up! Thanks for providing something useful without the fluff.


Simple and super effective. Thank you for this masterpiece!

Best character calculator so far.


Trying to advertise on Freelancer. Limited to only 1000. I've already cut out a lot and even removing paragraphs - still over the limit. However, I do not want to sound like everybody else that's why I have a quote to start with...Any suggestions?
Thank you so much!


I use this at least once a day for ads, blogs and other marketing activities that require character counting. Never realised that this will be my most-sed bookmark! Also love the white, simple space without clutter.


I use this dozens of times a week for various projects. I love the notation of 'characters' vs 'without white spaces', this has helped me tremendously.


Thanks, I do not have MS Word, instead I use Open Office and it calculates only with blank spaces, thus I come here to know what I translated, how many symbols without white space. Thanks

David T

I have been using this website literally every single work day for years because of my copywriting and editing needs. Whether it's for work or for private study, it's the equivalent of a laser measuring tape for writers.

Minimalist yet fully functional, it's difficult to express just how incredibly useful a website such as charcounter is. Thank you for making the difference.

D McCann

I was completing a comment box with a character limit (of 1000 chars) on my smartphone. I normally use M***s*oft W*rd to run a Word/Character count when I'm using my desktop, but I've never needed that information to be easily accessible at the touch of a few buttons. I've never had to do it on my smartphone... Until now!

I'm sure (if I looked) there would be an android app that performs this function, but why should I install another application when:
1) it's a very niche/bespoke function that may never be required again, so why allow it to take up valuable system resources?
2) this program is VERY intuitive and easy to use.
3) the user experience on this site does NOT attempt to distract you or sucker you in with garish ads. In fact, I saw a grand total of ZERO ads. I'm sure that any (free) android application would either be a 'trial' version which would lock after a certain amount of use, or there would be ads embedded within the app that would activate once the app is opened. All of this is designed to frustrate you to the extent that you will happily part with your cash in order to banish the ads for good!

In closing, the charcounter.com user experience is smooth, sleek and highly intuitive, giving fast and accurate results. Good Job!

Delphi smiths

I love this site. It has helped me so much!!! Thank you, but could you please try to add a few more "additions" like the 1000 character idea, except, you can divide it into any number you want!
Again Thanks...

Mily Ghosh

It is great. Your idea is fascinating. Thanks for helping the writers like me.

It's me

I have to be absolutely honest, I didn't even get here through a Google Search. Just the most logical thing to pop up in my head, what if there is a website called charcounter ... Would make sense right? And yep, here it is!

Incredibly clean and useful, much thanks for this website!


Best site ever :) :)
I adored it since the first day I started using the site.:) :) :)
Please do not take this site down because otherwise it would be the biggest disaster ever it could ever happen. :) :) :) :)
Students can actually can start learning how to write better in this site essays, etc. :) :) :) :) :)

V bates

This word count compared to Google docs word count is different? It has been a big help in my assignment to know how many words I need and how many I have

A Random Roleplayer

This is perhaps one of the best tools I can use for when I roleplay on one of my favorite sites. A 300 word character limit per paragraph makes me space out my work so I come here to do so. Thank you for making this site.

Professor Terry Lagrangerror, BSc, MD, BBA, MBA, PhD

Salutations! Please improve this wonderful tool by adding sharing functionality; I wish to track my stats over time and observe improvement.

I will be adding my valedictorian speech here soon (which I won @ my South Western Ontario high school class),

Dr.Genevieve Huang

Kindly divide into chunks of 1000 characters so I can submit somewhere where he limit is a thousand characters

Geni Martens

I love it (everyday) hugs


I'm using this for writing tile map collision, it suits my needs for calculating the width and height as well as making sure I didn't miss any tiles with the word count. Pretty fast and useful on Microsoft Edge.


Thank you. Fast and effective tool.


Really helps me with my day to day work, thus making it much easier!

Thanks for creating this, much appreciated!

User: ZP

Honestly, such a good website. Needed to calculate a paragraph I wrote without using spaces and this was the first website that popped up, I'm glad it was. Such a good and useful service. Not often websites are found useful but this one was.

Love the clean GUI too.


You know, on word there is a word counter. Plus it counts EMOJIS! But this accurately counts stuff (so does most things)


Would love for the feedback to be on a separate page so it doesn't have to load all comments when you open the site.
Other than that it fills my daily use pretty much perfectly (Y)
Love the clean gui.


I was asked to do a bio which might create funds.. Thank you for this availability.. First time user. Not last either...


love this website and i use it all the time when i am doing an essay


please give me characters and word count, thanks


I believe this site would be more useful to me than any one, Thank you so much for the opportunity


hola me gusta te interface


Thanks, proved to be a very useful tool when writing my personal statement.


Your character counter may be 5th on Google, but it's the only one that can accurately count unicode emoji characters correctly!

rohit rathee

error % and spelling erors and grammar errors should also checked

Nabila Khan (Neha)

Loved it. so accurate and helpful. I had to use it for my UCAS personal statement. Thank you!


Brilliant tool! Thanks for making a writers life so much easier.


Thanks a lot, extremely helpful page and so glad it exists!


Thanks for this tool - great for checking meta descriptions.
Would be even more fab if there were an option to count html entities as a single character


Thank you for the counter. I use this site EVERYDAY. I love it!! Thank you! Much appreciated.

Phong Vu

This was very useful for me when I need to use to calculate how much characters I needed for my text file in coding in order to get my paragraphs aligned.


Charcounter is a copywriter's best friend. I have it as an always-on tab in my browser. Thank you for keeping your space minimal and efficient. It's the greatest!

Aamir Amin

This is mind blowing site ever.I use it daily and it is very helpful for me.Thank you for making this. It's so much easier in my life to actually know how much charterers i have, then to figure out I was typing abso nothing.


Brilliant. Clean. Nicely working.


I LOVE this feature! It has helped so many times to quickly determine my character "overage!"

Lucian Marin

I use this for Sublevel.net social network and it helped me study people behavior and eventually increase the character limit up to 640 characters.


Amazing!! Really saves time, i am glad finding CharCounter. Saves me from counting 300 words XD

Adrian Chan

Good! This thing is so useful to count how many words that I've written for each passage


Thank you for the counter. It keeps our mobile product from getting too wordy.


I use this site EVERYDAY for a project I'm working on. Clean design -- straightforward interface. I love it!! Thank you!

Jason E

Thank you - we use this EVERY DAY - the best and easiest to use :)

André P

You know when you really like a website, and even when its positioning on google search is not that good, you search for it? CharCounter is a good example. Thanks to the developers.


I just discovered this little tool yesterday & am surprised at how efficient this tool is. Will be using this more often.

Ryan vT

AMAZING! Thanks so much for this extremely useful tool that really saves time and effort while doing school projects


Thank you for making this. It's so much easier in my life to actually know how much charterers i have, then to figure out I was typing abso nothing. :D


This is a great tool with one of the better UI's available on the net. Thanks to the developers involved.

Piper H

Thanks for this tool - great for checking meta descriptions.
Would be even more fab if there were an option to count html entities as a single character


A darker text, simple black on white, would make this word counter just about perfect. Thank you for providing it! Much appreciated.


I have used many websites but this is so far the nest yet! The layout is amazing and i love it!