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This is just so useful, thank you for making this accessible and simple, it's really user-friendly!
I enter a lot of writing contests so I swear that this is just a blessing for me <3


hi there, I'm referencing this website for an assignment and was wondering if you could let me know the date it was created / author / anything useful for an academic reference!!



Count is wrong if <> are used. I'm using them as less than and greater than, so I want to count them as characters and not as HTML tags.


This is just so useful, thank you for making this accessible and simple, it's really user-friendly!
I enter a lot of writing contests so I swear that this is just a blessing for me <3


It would be great if it would also count how many bytes are used for the text pasted


This is great! Is there way to add functionality to remove punctuation from the character count too?


This site really rocks.thanks for counting my words. :-)


Great site to count the characters, especially characters excluding the spaces. Extremely helpfull

John Michael Palmero Angelo

The site is very useful enough to use and I am so honored that I was brought here since my first Google search to find for free character count sites and this was the 1st site that I have seen.

Thanks to the owners of Charcounter.com

Amila Dilan

Very Useful tool! Not only character counting. Also has Words, Without Spaces & Paragraph Counters. Clean and Minimal Interface, Easy to use. Love this!


Wow, nice one!! I have seen many character counters but this one is best and awesome.. Really.. I am not kidding.. It is the simplest character counter I have seen ever.

George Scrute

I agree with Cyd, who misses the small window, while I agree with everyone who likes the large window! (I like the large window as a sort of Not4Saving MS Word in the cloud, but for Tweets, I break up the paragraph into 140 character strings, and for that, the small window was THE BEST of its category. The Solution? Offer us both, just like we are offered German or English!


Hate the new interface...I don't need a GIANT window to count characters for my Twitter posts. Bring back the little window please!


Brilliant tool!

I use this all the time when writing meta titles and descriptions, it's nice to have a character counter on the next tab for quick reference.


Good tool. 2 improvements:
- make it so the page is more tiny, download as low data as possible

- redesign the input text field so its more wide. I have 12xx px wide resolution and width is not enough

thx, InternetLifeForum.com


I use a couple of counters, this is one of them. I use the one with a super-large text field when composing an article for Fbook; this one for chopping a paragraph-sized essay into individual Tweets. Each has its place, so keep this one AS IS (it can now be stretched too), please!


Thank you for such a great and easy-to-use calculator, i needed the number of characters without spaces for translation and no other calculator had this function. It's already in my bookmark list.


Great page! I only wish that there were more room for the text window and less for the counting information.

Thank you Simon. Charcounter 2.0 gets a resizable textarea.


As an Web/Online/Inbound marketer I use this all the time to gate front-loaded keywords. I love it!


I think this program works but is too plain. Many other websites have this as a tweak not a complete website, things like google docs(drive) has this tool installed already this could be better if it was given something unique.


Charcount is very convenient, accurate, and easy to use!


Thats the one i choose for characters counting. The most beautiful one and very useful and modern.


This is the best character counting website i've found so far. It's the only one that includes total characters, characters without white space, and total words. It's also the only one with such a neat and clean design. Definitely one of the best tools online!


Simple and easy to use.
I wonder if the developer can make the MOBILE version


Love this tool! I like the idea of it being open to submissions from aonyne. I hope it can get going! I submitted a few of my random ideas I had written down for my game.


This site should be the first search result for word/character counter on google.


Thank you! This is great. I love that the spaces are also included!


Hi there. I discovered your site by means of Google while looking for a comparable topic, your site got here up. It appears to be great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later.



If you work in advertisement, design and conception like I do it’s bloody nice to have...

Charcounter is exactly what the world needs! More effective and useful than the fricking *** or the ***.

Charcounter invented Chuck Norris!


Great, easy to use website which gives you your answer in milliseconds! Does exactly what it says, with no extra 'fluff' included.
Used to sort out a Personal Statement, it more than fulfilled its premise.
Thank you very much Charcounter.

Ismael Miguel

nice layout...
nice idea...
great help that this blessed website ave me to prove (hope it is right) that i was right about a text size...


Wonderful tool! Especially helpful that you have included the "without white space" counter, in case that article directories don't count white spaces, so I can be sure to have enough characters to get my articles approved :-)

Oh and great that it's instant, not needing to click any submit buttons saves a lot of time!